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MantlePlace Overview

To facilitate the fast buying and selling of NFTs in a frictionless manner whilst providing creators the unparalleled flexibility of setting multiple attributes, mutable metadata, and more, the Mantle team is launching MantlePlace.

What is MantlePlace?

MantlePlace is a decentralized NFT marketplace on the MantleChain.

It facilitates easy trading (buy/sell) of NFTs by simply creating an account with an email ID and password — a process that all web 2.0 users are familiar with.

Features of MantlePlace

MantlePlace brings high-level NFT trading features to the hands of creators in a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which was otherwise only possible through code and deep technical know-how.

Simple Sign-Up

MantlePlace offers a very familiar sign-up and login experience to creators and collectors.

Users can sign into MantlePlace using just their email ID and password.


MantlePlace provides support for whitelisting without the need to code. Creators can hold private sales to whitelisted members when dropping a collection.

Mint Later

Creators can choose to list their NFTs for sale immediately but not mint them until after they have found an interested prospect or anytime later.

Batch Mint

For large collections, creators can choose to mint their NFTs in batches to save time and cost.

Fractional NFTs

Collectors can co-own some of the rare collectibles through the fractionalization of tokens.

Custom and Mutable Metadata

MantlePlace allows creators to incorporate custom metadata in their NFTs with up to 22 attributes with the help of interNFT metadata standard.

The metadata can be mutated even after successfully minting the NFT on-chain.

Multi-Currency Support

NFTs on MantlePlace can be purchased using $MNTL with support for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies rolling out in phases.

Trade Room

Creators and collectors can engage with each other in trade rooms for a more human and trusted experience.

Support For Multiple Asset Types

MantlePlace will support multiple file formats for NFTs including JPG, PNG, SVG, MP4, 3D, VR and more.