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These are official AssetMantle resources that you can include on your marketing materials, webpage, and/or mobile application.

AssetMantle Light

AssetMantle Dark

$MNTL LogoMark

AssetMantle LogoMark

MantleWallet Light

MantleWallet Dark

MantleExplorer Light

MantleExplorer Dark

MantlePlace Light

MantlePlace Dark

MantleBuilder Light

MantleBuilder Dark

MantleLabs Light

MantleLabs Dark

MantleLabs Light Logomark

MantleLabs Dark Logomark

AsGuard Light Logo

AsGuard Dark Logo

AsGuard Logomark

AsGuard Logomark

Color Palette

Mantle Gold Default


Mantle Gold Dark


Mantle Gold Radial Gradient

#FFC640 to #F2AF13

Mantle Gold Linear Gradient

#FC640 to #F2AF13