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Uploading NFT Collection Using Web3.Storage (UI)

Web3.Storage is an IPFS node operator that can be used to pin data in IPFS.

To begin with, creators are required to create directories that would hold their images and metadata.

These would then be compiled into a single IPFS CAR (Content Addressable aRchive) file that can be uploaded.

Consolidate all images into the /images folder.

This documentation will use sample images for the purposes of explanation.

Uploading Assets to NFT.Storage

Pack the assets into a .CAR file or upload each of them manually.

1. Visit Web3.Storage and Click ‘Start Storing Now’

web3 storage ss5.png

2. Click ‘Upload Files’

web3 storage ss6.png

3. Drag and Drop Your Files As Show

web3 storage ss7.png

The uploaded file can be viewed as shown below.

web3 storage ss8.png

4. View The Details

Click on ‘Search my files’ or scroll down the page.

web3 storage ss9.png

Here, the creator will be able to view details such as CID, Status, and more.

The creator can also perform actions like deleting the file or copying the IPFS URL as illustrated below.

web3 storage ss10.png

web3 storage ss11.png

Uploading Metadata to Web3.Storage

Pack the metadata files into a .CAR file or upload each of them manually.

1. Structuring of the Metadata

Note: Steps are same as NFT.Storage.upload
Note: Install nodejs in your system
sudo apt install nodejs npm -y
sudo npm i -g npm@latest
sudo npm i -g yarn@latest
sudo npm i -g ts-node@latest

# Create a nft-upload-project directory
# Move your images and metadata folders there
mkdir nft-upload-project
cd nft-upload-project

# Folder Structure
├── nft-upload (tool folder)
    ├── images (assets/images folder)
    ├── metadata (metadata folder)

# Install dependencies
# Change your directory to script folder
cd nft-upload
yarn install

# Create an API on and Copy that API key

# Paste that APIKey in config.js file (web3StorageAPIKey) there.
yarn web3-storage-upload

2. Upload Metadata Files to NFT.Storage

Repeat steps 2 through 4 as shown above.