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Challenges of Existing Marketplaces

Most of the current NFT marketplaces are extremely siloed. While at the core of them all, they try to make trading NFTs hassle-free, very few actually manage to do so. This could be attributed to the foundation on which they were first built.

Some significant challenges that the users of these older marketplaces face are as follows:

  • Entry barriers: They have entry barriers such as acquiring crypto to pay the gas fees (rate on-ramps for first-time users)
  • Data persistence: They do not guarantee the security and privacy of the assets minted as NFTs.
  • Little to no interoperability: Most NFT marketplaces do not support cross-chain or cross-platform transactions.
  • Limited support for asset creation: Most NFT markets focus only on art and collectible use-cases, thus limiting the growth of the assets.

The AssetMantle Solution

AssetMantle is built using the Cosmos SDK and uses the Tendermint core consensus engine to facilitate asset tokenization and NFT trading.

The Mantle team has made it unfathomably easy for non-technical creators and artists alike to launch projects and build their brands on the blockchain without knowing to code.

The Mantle token ($MNTL) acts as the gateway into the Mantle ecosystem.

Product Offerings

AssetMantle offers two products to all of its users:

  1. MantlePlace
  2. MantleBuilder


MantlePlace is a very intuitive and easy-to-use next-gen marketplace for NFT.

It facilitates easy trading (buy/sell) of NFTs by simply creating an account with an email ID and password β€” a process that all web 2.0 users are familiar with.

The MantlePlace is positioned to be an easy-to-use platform for creators with seamless UI, lazy minting capability, TradeRoom feature, and much more.

Head over to the MantlePlace overview section to dive deeper.


MantleBuilder is another innovation that the Mantle team is bringing to the doorstep of all creators.

Anybody can build their very own β€œstore” (a.k.a. marketplace) with the MantleBuilder. This enables them to have their own branding and build a close community of loyal supporters and followers.

For creators, this could be a game-changer as they would be able to completely curate the experience they wish to provide to their fans and audiences. With relevant modules and complete no-code customizability, creators can be very selective and fine tune the building process of their storefronts to better adhere to their projects mission and vision.