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MantleBuilder Overview

AssetMantle, at its core, is a community-driven creator-centric initiative that empowers creators to build their legacy on the blockchain in perpetuity.

Further, with the recent rise in the volume traded in NFT marketplaces and the deafening noise created by several NFT projects, the Mantle team deemed it imperative to provide a platform for creators that guarantees sovereignty.

According to the Mantle team, creators should have the provision to completely customize the experience that they provide to their NFT collectors and traders.

To achieve this, the Mantle team came up with MantleBuilder.

What is MantleBuilder?

MantleBuilder is a no-code fully customizable NFT marketplace builder.

This product essentially helps creators build their own custom-branded NFT storefronts or marketplaces.

Features of MantleBuilder

Complete Customizability

MantleBuilder puts the power in the hands of the creator.

Creators can not only have complete control over the type of NFTs that they sell but also full customizability on how they want their marketplace to look based on their NFTs.

For example, a creator selling music NFTs would have different needs (like an in-built music player) from a creator selling 2D art (like an in-built image card).

No-Code Drag Platform

Most artists are not blockchain developers. Hence, they lack the technical know-how of building a fully functional NFT marketplace from ground zero.

MantleBuilder takes the need to code out of the equation for these creators. Artists can now channel all their energy to be more creative instead of being technical with an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop builder.

Plug and Play Experience

Creators can spin up their NFT storefronts at speeds that were never possible before.

MantleBuilder offers a complete plug-and-play experience for artists who want to build their brand. Simply drag and drop elements, connect your personal domain and go live.

Custom Built-In Templates

To make life even easier for creators, MantleBuilder also comes with premade templates that can be used off-the-shelf by creators.