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AMI Name Overview

AMI (AssetMantle Identity) Name is Cosmos’ first ‘Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)’ which is permanently allocated to you and will never expire, unlike other naming services in web3 and web2 ecosystems like ENS, DNS etc.

Since it implements account abstraction, a popularly evolving feature in every web3 ecosystem, your AMI name (i.e your identity) will not be hardcoded to a single wallet address, but to a separate abstraction called Digitally Controlled Identity (DCI). But if this is quite a mouthful to mention, just call it an account. This account can be controlled by one or more wallet addresses which act as ‘Provision Addresses’ or ‘Multiple Rotatable Keys’ to the account. Hence one can choose to add or remove any number of wallet address as keys to this account, so that in case you lose the mnemonic / passphrase / private key / Password of one of the provision addresses, you could use another existing provision address to remove it and add other provision addresses. This makes sure your account stays safe and never gets accidentally ‘locked out’, as long as you have connected more than one wallet address as provision addresses.

AMI Name is also based on DID Specification (Decentralized Identifiers), another evolving highlight of the web3 ecosystem, which means AMI names will be resolvable as a DID Document. This means every AMI name will have a global identifier, which makes it accessible, and verifiable, anywhere across the globe from web3 or web2 ecosystem. Think of it like how URLs work in a browser but DID is a decentralized version of URLs. The “URL” of your AMI Name will resolve back to a document (DID Document) illustrating details of your identity, in a verifiable way. This resolution happens in a decentralized way, which means the resolution and verification system can never go down or be compromised. This sets the foundation of giving a “Global ID” to every identity of every actor / stakeholder, making actors/stakeholders identifiable, accessible and verifiable, from anywhere, and not just in your own local chain ecosystem.

AMI Name will be your one singular, lifelong web3 identity you will ever need to store and manage all your assets. It will never expire, never have downtime, can always be identified and verified from anywhere in the globe, and any ecosystem (web3 or web2), and will be always safely recoverable in case you lose one or more of the keys. The future of web3 identity is here.